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The research activities in the laboratory are primarily funded by local/European research projects and industrial contracts. The list of our current projects and comleted projects you can find below.

current projects  bullet

IRIS Integrated European Industrial RiskReduction System, EU 7FP Integrated Project (IST-No.213968), 2008-2012, Contact: Zdenek Kouba
MAS Nanoelectronics for Mobile Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Systems, EU ENIAC project, No. 120228, 2010-2013, Contact: Olga Stepankova
REPLICATOR Robotic Evolutionary Self-Programming and Self-Assembling, EU 7FP Integrated Project (IST-No.216240), 2008-2013, Contact: Libor Preucil
SPES Supporting Patients through E-services Solutions (Operational Programme CENTRAL EUROPE), 2011-2014, Contact: Olga Stepankova
SYMBRION Symbiotic Evolutionary Robot Organisms, EU FP7 ICT Integrated project, No. 216342, 2010-2013, Contact: Libor Preucil

completed projects  bullet

OLDES Older People's e-services at home, EU 6FP - Research Project (No. 045282), 2007-2009, Contact: Olga Stepankova
COGAIN Communication by Gaze Interaction, EU 6FP - Network of Excellence (IST-No.511598), 2005-2009, , Contact: Olga Stepankova
CzechVMXT Czech IT Project Process Improvement for Dependable-Systems Research, EU 6FP - Marie Curie Transfer of Knowledge Project (MTKD-CT-2005-029755), 2006-2009, Contact: Vladimir Marik
CONTRACT Contract based Systems Engineering Methods for Verifiable Cross-Organisational Networked Business Applications, EU 6FP - Research Project (IST-No.034418), 2006-2009, Contact: Michal Pechoucek
ECOLEAD European Collaborative networked Organizations LEADership initiative, EU 6FP Integrated Project (IST-1-506958), 2004-2007, Contact: Vladimir Marik
EURON European Robotics Network, EU 6FP Network of Excellence (No. 507728), 2004-2008, Contact: Libor Preucil
NiSIS Nature inspired Smart Adaptive Systems , EU FP6 Coordination Action (No. 013569), 2005- 2008, Contact:  Lenka Lhotska
r/c agent Modeling Individual, Collaborative and Adversarial Reflection in Multi-Agent Systems, funded by US Army, CERDEC/CECOM (N62558--05-C-0028), Contact:  Michal Pechoucek
i-globe Distributed Planning and Coordination of Team-oriented Activities, funded by US Army, CERDEC/CECOM (N62558-06-P-0353), collaboration with University of Edinburgh, Contact:  Michal Pechoucek
CAMNEP Cooperative Adaptive Mechanism for Network Protection, funded by US Army, CERDEC/CECOM (R&D 1128-CE-01) collaboration with Masaryk University, Contact:  Michal Pechoucek, Martin Rehak
MAA Meta-reasoning and Adjustable Autonomy in Computational MAS, funded by Office for Naval Research (N00014-06-1-0232), Contact:  Michal Pechoucek
ATC Autonomous Agents in UAV Air-Traffic Control, funded by Air Force Research Laboratory, AFOSR/USA, EOARD/UK (FA8655-04-1-3044-P00001), Contact:  Michal Pechoucek, David Sislak
CAK II Centre of Applied Cybernetics II (Centrum aplikovane kybernetiky), Research programme funded by the Czech Ministry of Education (No. 1M0567), 2005 - 2009, Contact: Vladimir Marik
MSM 6840770012 Transdisciplinary Research in the Area of Biomedical Engineering II (Transdisciplinární výzkum v oblasti biomedicínského inženýrství II.), Research programme funded by the Czech Ministry of Education, 2005-2011, Contact: Lenka Lhotská
MSM 6840770038 Decision Making and Control for Manufacturing III (Rozhodování a řízení pro průmyslovou výrobu III), Research programme funded by the Czech Ministry of Education, 2007-2011, Contact: Vladimir Marik
K4Care Knowledge-Based HomeCare eServices for an Ageing Europe, EU 6FP - Research Project (IST -No.02696), 2006-2008, Contact: Lenka Lhotska
PANDA Collaborative Process Automation Support using Service Level Agreements and Intelligent dynamic Agents in SME clusters, EU 6FP - Research Project (IST-No.027169), 2006-2008, Contact:  Michal Pechoucek
SEVENPRO Semantic Virtual Engineering Environment for Product Design, EU 6FP - Research Project (IST-No. 027473), 2006-2008, Contact: Filip Zelezny
I*PROMS The Network of Excellence for Innovative Production Machines and Systems, EU 6FP Network of Excellence (No. 500273-2), 2004-2009, Contact: Vladimir Marik
r/c architecture Reflective/cognitive agent in distributed decision, funded by US Army, CERDEC/CECOM (N62558-04-C-6001) Contact: Michal Pěchouček
NAIMT Meta-reasoning for Modelling and Simulation in Multi-Agent Systems, funded by Office for Naval Research (N00014-03-1-0292), collaboration with Naval Automation and Information Management Technology project Contact: Michal Pěchouček
Adversary Modelling agents Autonomy in Adversarial environment, funded by Air Force Research Laboratory, AFOSR/USA, EOARD/UK (FA8655-04-1- 3044) Contact: Michal Pěchouček
InX Agents Inaccessibility in Multi-agent Systems, funded by Air Force Research Laboratory, AFOSR/USA, EOARD/UK (FA-8655-02-M-4057) Contact: Michal Pěchouček
MRinMAS Meta-reasoning and Monitoring in the Multi-Agent System, funded by Air Force Research Laboratory, AFOSR/USA, EOARD/UK (FA8655-02-M4056 Contact: Michal Pěchouček
MASIC Multi-Agent Systems in Communication, funded by Air Force Research Laboratory, AFOSR/USA, EOARD/UK (F61775-99-WE099) Contact: Michal Pěchouček, Vladimír Mařík
METOD MetaTool for Educational Platform Design, Leonardo da Vinci project (LDVX SI/04/B/F/PP/176004), 2004-2006, Contact: Jiří Kléma
AgentLink III A Co-ordination Network for Agent-Based Computing, EU-6FP (IST-1-002006-CA), 2004-2005, Contact: Michal Pechoucek
CONCEERN CONex Central European Electr(on)ics Recycling Network, funded by Austrian Ministry for Research and Education, 2003-2005, Contact: Vladimir Marik
PeLoTE Building Presence through Localization for Hybrid Telematic Systems, EU 5FP (IST-2001-38873), 2002-2004, Contact: Libor Preucil
ExtraPlanT Exploitation of the ProPlanT agent technology for extra-enterprise production planning, EUTIST-AMI trial project (IST-2000-28221), 2002-2004, Contact: Michal Pechoucek
KDNet Knowledge Discovery Network of Excellence, EU 5FP (IST-2001-33086), 2002-2004, Contact: Lenka Lhotska
CIPHER Communities of Interest Promoting Heritage of the European Regions, EU 5FP (IST-2001-32559), 2002-2004, Contact: Zdenek Kouba
MIRACLE Machine Intelligent Research and Application Centre for Learning Excellence, EU 5FP - Centre of Excellenece (ICA1-CT-2000-70002), 2000-2004, Contact: Vladimir Marik
EUNITE The European Network on Intelligent Technologies for Smart Adaptive Systems, EU 5FP (IST-2000-29207), 2001-2003, Contact: Olga Stepankova
MSM 212300013 Decision Making and Control in Manufacturing, Research programme funded by the Czech Ministry of Education, link in Czech, 1999-2004, Contact: Vladimir Marik
MSM 210000012 Transdisciplinary Biomedical Engineering Research, Research programme funded by the Czech Ministry of Education, link in Czech, 1999-2004, Contact: Lenka Lhotska
CAK Centre of Applied Cybernetics, 2000 - 2004, Contact: Vladimir Marik
THINKcreative Thinking Network of Experts on Emerging Smart Organisations, EU 5FP (IST-2000-29478), 2001-2004, Contact: Vladimir Marik
Sol-Eu-Net Data Mining and Decision Support for Business Competitiveness: A European Virtual Enterprise, EU 5FP (IST-1999-11495), 2000-2003, Contact: Olga Stepankova, Vladimir Marik
AgentExchange Testbed for a Worldwide Agent Network: Research and Development of an AgentExchange FIPA-Compliant Open Trading Environment (Prague node), EU 5FP (IST-2000-28384), 2002-2003, Contact: Michal Pechoucek
CPlanT Acquaintance Models in Operations Other Than War Coalition Formation, US AirForce Research Contract (No. F61775-00-WE043), Contact: Vladimir Marik
ExPlanTech Exploitation of Agent-Based Production Planning using the ProPlanT Technology, EC IST-Trial Project: (IST-1999-20171), 2000-2002, Contact: Vladimir Marik
ILPNET2 Inductive Logic Programming Network of Excellence, INCO Copernicus 977102, 1998-2001, Contact: Olga Stepankova
GOAL Geographic Information On-Line Analysis, INCO Copernicus 977091, 1998-2001, Contact: Vladimir Marik
TEN Trans European Tele-Education Network, ET/IN 1022, 1999-2000, Contact: Jiri Lazansky
PVS'98 Flexible Manufacturing Systems, EUREKA No.1439, 1996-99, Contact: Vladimir Marik
ILP2 Inductive Logic Programming II, ESPRIT Project No. 20237, 1996-99, Contact: Olga Stepankova
Computerized Inventory Evidence in Historical Buildings MK CR 864/5, 1996-98, Contact: Zdenek Kouba
Multi-Agent Systems in Decision Making GACR No. 102/96/0382, 1996-98, Contact: Vladimir Marik
Information Processing for Active CIM Subsystems EC-COPERNICUS 5855, 1994-97, Contact: Vladimir Marik
EUROSAT European Satellite Communications and Networking Research Project, EC-COPERNICUS 9645, 1994-97
Higher Education in CIM TEMPUS JEN 2609, 1995-96
Open Architecture Expert Systems Austrian Project, 1994-96
ILPNet Inductive Logic Programming European Scientific Network, PECO-COPERNICUS 920044, 1993-96
Communication Network for CIM EC-COPERNICUS 11023 CODENET, 1993-94
Higher Education in CIM TEMPUS JEP 2609, 1992-94
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